Monday, December 3, 2007

Overcoming the impossible: easy. Progress on REDD: for some reason difficult.

Getting security clearance for three, twenty foot solar-powered art installations seemed impossible at several points this morning. . . language barriers, UN Security vs Indonesian Polisi cross-continental beef; overworked volunteers running on little food, sleep and patience How did happen? A (seemingly) universally popular idea: let’s stop destroying our planet’s most valuable resource at the fiery rate of 20 million acres a year.

While it seems like such a no brainer to people around the world, it’s something UNFCC Delegates can’t agree on. Look! It’s go time. Some of the world’s best minds (and a few others) set aside two weeks in beautiful Bali and hammered out an action-packed agenda of talks and side events. Delegates, please help us stop deforestation and make some real progress in battling climate change.


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