Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New online tool tracks deforestation (countries, states/provinces, municipalities)

Enormous greenhouse gas emissions are generated by deforestation, mostly in tropical countries. It follows that any viable effort to mitigate climate change will have to address tropical forest clearing, and REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation) programs are focusing on this problem. However, implementation of many REDD+ programs has been hampered by the lack of timely information on local forest clearing. CGD’s Forest Monitoring for Action (FORMA) system has been designed to help fill this information gap.

After three years of development work, we're pleased to announce the first global implementation of FORMA, which tracks monthly tropical forest clearing since December 2005 in 27 countries, their 280 states and provinces, and over 2,900 subprovinces and municipalities. We’ll soon release a companion GIS database that tracks monthly clearing in each square kilometer of tropical forest land in the countries covered by FORMA.
We have posted our first global report, which introduces FORMA and provides summary data and graphics, at

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Mongabay's post-Durban REDD+ wrap up

Ban Ki Moon notes progress on REDD+ reference levels & safeguards

At the amazing Avoided Deforestation Partners event in Durban, South Africa, UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon noted that the talks had made progress on REDD+ reference levels and safeguards.

"Last year, in Cancun, countries agreed to take the REDD+ agenda forward.

It was a collective pledge to slow, halt and reverse deforestation.

This was an important recognition of the win-win that forests represent for mitigating climate change and benefiting people, ecosystems and biodiversity.

And here in Durban, Parties have agreed on a way forward on the important issues of safeguards and reference levels.

I am encouraged to see that forest countries are acting to reduce deforestation, and that donor countries are pledging to support these activities."