Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obama speech 1st in history to mention "a warming planet"

I took my two boys to see the inauguration along with Cara Peace, here in San Diego. We were running late and had to dart into a closed restaurant to find TVs. Maxwell, the eldest (3 1/2) was infatuated with the bar stool concept and his race car. (Another race car was taken away the night before by parents after it was thrown at us). Finnegan (1 1/2) screamed and thrashed and mostly wanted to eat the sharp plastic olive spears he had found on the floor. Cara and I were struck that the speech mentioned the word planet twice, and was the first inaugural speech we know of to talk about the specter of a warming planet. As we drove the boys to daycare, Cara's mom who makes vibrationally infused flower remedies, sent her a text. Apparently the speech also used the words "new age" two times as well. Everyone hears what they want.

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