Wednesday, April 1, 2009

AWG talks slow going, Europe's REDD position wavering?

The negotiations continue in Bonn. There is a feeling that the entire process is very sloppy still (mutliple tracks, sub-tracks, contact groups). For a good overview of what is going on, please check here and for updates see here.

REDD is spread out among various track and there has been a recent push by the Coalition for Rainforest nations to have a dedicated discussion on REDD.

A few other odds and ends: Europe gave an incredibly confusing side-event on REDD. You can find the presentations here (scroll down to March 31). The bottom line of the presentation was that Europe did not feel comfortable with REDD as a market before 2020! The presentations were very unclear as to whether this was a European Commission viewpoint (which has long opposed REDD) or a European Union position (who actually negotiates international treaties).

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