Monday, March 26, 2012

UN-REDD Programme Launches 2011 Report

Just released, this report provides a comprehensive look at the progress made in the last year by the 14 national programs and other partner countries connected to the UN-REDD Programme. UN-REDD has seven integrated work areas designed to address the following outcomes:

1. REDD+ countries have capacities to develop and implement MRV and monitoring systems.
2. Credible, inclusive national governance systems are developed for REDD+ implementation.
3. National systems for transparent, equitable, credible and accountable management of REDD+ funding are strengthened.
4. Indigenous Peoples local communities, CSOs, and other stakeholders participate effectively in national and international REDD+ decision making, strategy development and implementation.
5. Multiple benefits of forests are promoted and realized in REDD+ strategies and actions.
6. REDD+ strategies and related investments effectively catalyze shifts to a green economy.
7. Knowledge is developed, managed, analyzed and shared to support REDD+ efforts at all levels.

The report also highlights country-specific outcomes and lesson learned from work in partnerships in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean over the past year. The full report can be linked to in the title.

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