Friday, May 27, 2011


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***PRESS STATEMENT*** Rohrabacher Response to Misleading Reports on His Position Concerning Rainforests and Climate Change

Washington, May 27 - “Once again those with a global agenda have created a straw man by misrepresenting the position of their critics. I do not believe that CO2 is a cause of global warming, nor have I ever advocated the reduction of CO2 through the clearing of rainforests or cutting down older trees to prevent global warming. But that is how my question to a witness during my subcommittee hearing on May 25th is being reported. I simply asked the witness, Dr. Todd Stern, who is a supporter of a global climate treaty that would dramatically hurt the standard of living for millions of human beings, if he was considering a policy that would address naturally emitted carbon dioxide, which makes up over 90% of emissions.

“To suggest that I’m advocating such a radical approach instead of simply questioning the policy is a total misrepresentation of my position.”

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