Wednesday, June 15, 2011

SBSTA 34, REDD+, reference levels

TFG's SBSTA recommendations includes 3 elements of a decision:

(1) SBSTA recommends that COP17 invites developing Country Parties to submit to the secretariat, for publication on the REDD Web Platform, proposed REDD+ reference levels and reference emission levels, with the following information:

Historical rates of emissions from deforestation and degradation

The time period used for estimating historical activity data and any relevant explanation of these time periods

Information on forest classes, activity data, and emissions factors used in proposing REDD+ reference levels and the methods used for following IPCC guidance, including use of the IPCC Emission Factor Database, and any relevant estimates of uncertainty.

A weighting factor to adjust historical levels for national circumstances

Any proposed quantitative adjustment to historical rates based on the weighting factor.

Any subnational allocations of REDD+ reference levels and reference emission levels and any explanation as to how subnational allocations were made.

(2) SBSTA recommends that COP17 request SBSTA, in cooperation with the Secretariat, and based on REDD+ reference levels and reference emission levels published on the REDD Web Platform, to establish a system for encouraging transparent expert review of the levels in (1).

(3) SBSTA annually publishes summary reports of the levels (1) and the outcomes of the review (2) and forward these to COPs for consideration, beginning at COP19.

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