Monday, December 12, 2011

COP17's AWG LCA report, including REDD+ finance

This is the part of the Durban Platform that address REDD+ finance and other issues not addressed in the SBSTA work. Pages 12-13 are the REDD+ zone.

Paragraph 66 is one of the more important paragraphs...

66. Considers that, in the light of the experience gained from current and future demonstration activities, appropriate market-based approaches could be developed by the Conference of the Parties to support results-based actions by developing country Parties referred to in paragraph 73 of 1/CP.16, ensuring that environmental integrity is preserved, and the provisions of appendix I and II to Decision 1/CP.16 are fully respected and should be consistent with relevant provisions of decision 1/CP.16, decision XX/CP.17 (SBSTA) and any future decision by the COP on these matters;

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