Monday, December 14, 2009

Interview with The Gambia

Only at the COP can you be interrupted for translating a lunch menu in Danish to English-friendly Francophiles by a Gambian Minster of Forestry speaking Norwegian. Chances for this are of course quite low since, due to budget cuts and lack of REDD-financing, The Gambians have cut all Norwegian classes from their curriculum. They still, however, are the only country in the world maintaining an article in front of their country's name without words like "Republic of" to qualify it.

So perhaps it was destiny that I should run into Mr. Modouus. He told me about the plight of forests on the north bank of The Gambian river and wondered how the Tropical Forest Group might be able to help. He also hoped that I would communicate this to his whole country, which I was of course delighted to do. An interview was set up with The Gambian national TV, where I explained the methodology behind REDD-based financing, how one first needs to first ascertain total carbon inventory and deforestation rates for any program, and how this is something that TFG is able to help with.

So if you're in The Gambia and reading this blog, keep your eyes peeled!

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