Sunday, December 13, 2009

Governor Blairo Maggi of Matto Gross COP 15 REDD comments

Mato Grosso Governor blog/paraphrase from WHRC dinner
Blairo Maggi
(heavily paraphrased due to translation and speed of delivery)
I am the governor of the state that is the largest produce of grain, beef and cotton in Brazil.

34% devoted to production
66% devoted to conservation.

This is the stew in which we are working – how doe we keep forets standing, how do we produce, supply food to a growing world and provide communities with decent lives (heavily paraphrased) . With the advance of technology from many government agencies, we can triple production without clearing more forests.

We can give the farmers and ranchers in the state that if they continue to increase productivity, they can still grow and expand but not with cutting more forests.

But there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It is called REDD. Van provide people of the state compensation for keeping forests standing while still having a productive economy.

It is not just about production, It is also local and indigenous peoples land and rights. Matto Grosso has everything in place to put a major solution to GHG into action.

There will be x governors tomororw. They all want REDD to work. it is like a big ship coming into the port. We must construct REDD so that funds will flow and the benefits can be distributed, For now, our main job is to make sure REDD works. We must build into REDD public funds, there has to be additional funding for state governments to do their job, and without this,it won't get done. Thank you.

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