Wednesday, December 16, 2009

US annnounces $1 billion for tropical forests

at the avoided deforstation partners meeting a few hours ago, US Secretary of Agriculture announced §1 billion in funding for tropical forests. this is a major development on its own and may help facilitate negotiations on the agreement being worked out in the Bella Center where up to 140 heads of state are expected to sign a new climate change accord. At the first high level segment of the plenary yesterday, UN Secretary General called for more money and finance on the table for developing countries. TFG believes that if enough new funds for sustainable development can be collected, then removing the brackets around the agreement can start to be removed. The meeting also included several Heads of State (Guyana and Norway, which recently announced a major new fund to help Guyana to help conserve tropical forests), Jane Goodall, founder of Google Earth )announcing . The next meeting, the redd gala, starts in a few minutes. Here, we are likely to see other governments step forward with specific new funds for rainforests. If the developed world comes forward with more resources in the next few hours and days, chances for an overall agreement will greatly increase.

It was difficult to get to the meetings. As we left the Bella Center this morning, a large riot had just swept through and I literally was helped to get out by police who lifted me over a barricade of security vehicles. the metro was filled with many anarchists and other rowdies. Helicopters were in the air, the streets are filled with sirens as dignitaries move about and arrive and protestors block streets. there were rumors that some NGOs broke into backroom talks and other rumors that there was a bomb scare in the main station.

despite that all, the pieces are finally falling into place. Stay tuned for more announcements.

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